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Over the course of the "Teaching Technology Through Traditions" project many residents have expressed their view that they would prefer to have this information in book form, instead of on the Internet.

One main reason we did not choose to go this route is that the costs of publishing a book would be prohibitive and not covered through our funding agreements.

There are several other major reasons for us choosing to display the histories information through new digital media.

Our primary objective was to share the results of our community histories collection with as many people as possible, at little or no cost. Through computer technology and the Internet, our collection is available to anyone and everyone who has Internet connectivity.

We believe that the interest generated in our histories collection, through our "Teaching Technology Through Traditions" project, is a perfect vehicle to introduce residents who are not familiar with computer technology to a whole new means of communication.

This project has supported residents of all ages in improving skill sets across broad range of IT topics, from basic computer literacy to comprehensive IT skills learning.

Having our histories collection available on the Internet meets the mission of the Resource Opportunities Centre, which is as follows: The ROC will provide access to information and technology-related learning and resources for the communities it serves.