The Family of Charles and Ellen (Carmichael) Drysdale

Compiled by Iris V. Shea
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Charles Drysdale was born in Scotland, the son of John Drysdale and Isabel Bonner. His date of birth was recorded in the Scottish parish records for Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, 19 March 1769. His obituary, recorded in The Guardian, 17 Feb. 1843, stated that he was a native of Alloa, Clackmannanshire, and gave his age as 74 years. He married Ellen Carmichael in Scotland, 28 Dec. 1792. Ellen's obituary was also recorded in The Guardian, 13 Feb. 1839, "in her 68th year." This family of Drysdales settled at Goodwood, Halifax County, Nova Scotia in 1810 but records show they arrived in this province about 1804.

Charles and Ellen (Carmichael) Drysdale had three children baptized in Scotland before settling in Nova Scotia about 1804. Their first two sons were called John and, as there is no further record of more than one John, it would seem that their first son died in infancy. Four more children were baptized at St. Mathew's Church, Halifax, between 1807 and 1815. The first permanent settlers of Goodwood and Greenhead were members of the Drysdale and Umlah families. The Will of Charles Drysdale, dated 1837, gave his wife's name as Ellen, but Scottish records spelled her name Helen. Local documents use both spellings throughout her lifetime. Her daughter and granddaughters were called Ellen.